• Communicating for professional success e-learning

    2 January 2018

    Alongside your own technical expertise, communication is the key skill that influences your professional success. In a world where texts, emails and tweets are often sent without a second thought, the importance of a considered and effective approach to communication has never been greater.

    This e-learning course demonstrates how to choose and use appropriate communication methods to achieve your individual and organisational goals. You'll explore how communication drives successful collaborations and wins support for ideas, while improving your listening, speaking and writing skills. You'll also discover how to communicate in some of the most challenging professional situations.

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  • Great customer service in general practice

    21 December 2017

    Reception teams can improve the experience of patients and practice staff by taking simple steps to improve customer service. This event on 25 January in Manchester and 7 February in Birmingham supports practices to make the changes that will result not only in better experience for their patients but more confident, capable staff able to reduce stress and enjoy greater job satisfaction.

    Our training supports several of the ten “high impact actions” for practices prescribed by the GP Forward View, including developing the practice team, quality improvement, active signposting, social prescribing, self-care and reduced DNAs (“did not attends”).

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  • Taking the stress out of effective presenting

    20 December 2017

    Giving a presentation is an opportunity to get your ideas across, inform, educate and influence, or win people over. Sometimes it’s all of these. Often, though, presenting is seen as a chore – or worse – a trial.

    If the person presenting is unsure of their material, lacks confidence or doesn’t understand what the audience wants to hear, then the experience might be miserable for everyone.

    This half-day workshop on 27 February in Birmingham and 15 March in London explores the ingredients of a good presentation and the qualities of a good presenter. It will help you gain confidence, improve your existing skills and tailor your messages and delivery to the needs of your audience.

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  • Season’s greetings from all at PCC

    20 December 2017

    We would like to wish all our customers the very best for the holiday season. Thank you for using our service during 2017. We hope to see more of you next year, if not at our events then on our growing programme of webinars, e-learning and personal and team development programmes.

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  • Managing change and transformation e-learning

    18 December 2017

    Managing change and transformation e-learning course helps you to understand how to build a change-ready culture that can make smart decisions and successfully implement innovative ideas. You'll consider your personal reaction to change, evaluate your organisation's attitude to innovation and learning, identify barriers to transforming the organisation and explore approaches to overcome them.

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