• The principles of project management

    11 April 2017

    Good project management is of the art of getting a successful outcome using the resources available. This is more important than ever in health and social care where managers are under increasing pressure to deliver better outcomes and greater efficiency in every aspect of their work.

    Project management requires a specific set of skills, some of which we possess naturally and can learn to use more effectively. But it also requires knowledge and a well-defined approach. This one day training session on 28 June in London is for everyone who has responsibility for projects or is part of a project team.

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  • Supporting your next steps to collaboration

    6 April 2017

    The recently released Next Steps on the Five Year Forward View encourages practices to work collaboratively in hubs or networks, allowing them to share services such as community nursing, mental health, and clinical pharmacist teams; expand diagnostic facilities, and pool responsibility for urgent care and extended access. Practices are already exploring various routes including federations, “super-partnerships”, primary care homes, and multispecialty community providers. PCC has been supporting GP practices to better understand the benefits of working collaboratively for the past five years, working with groups of practices, considering local needs, their aims and vision for the future, helping them to consider the opportunities for working collaboratively and the different models available. PCC also provides capacity to support mergers or to help set up federations and new care models. Our expert advisers and associates can provide advice or support to any stage of the development process, from first meetings through to delivery of services, including governance structures, business planning, facilitation, and board development. To discuss your needs, please contact Mark Beesley on 07920 500135 or at mark.beesley@pcc.nhs.uk

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  • Primary medical services contracting: effective decision making

    4 April 2017

    More CCGs are taking on delegated responsibility for the commissioning and management of primary medical services. If not handled correctly any changes agreed in relation to primary medical contracts can be time consuming and costly. NHS England regional teams are also building teams to support CCGs in their new responsibilities. This event on 4 July in Leeds and 13 July in Birmingham covers the key aspects of the contracts and how to apply the necessary changes. It also highlights the guidance and regulations required to manage and govern these contracts properly.

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  • Health and safety e-learning

    4 April 2017

    Responsibility for health and safety in an organisation typically lies with appointed managers. However, there are health and safety issues that everyone needs to be aware of, from the fire evacuation procedure to lifting a box correctly.

    This e-learning course looks at how to comply with health and safety regulations and also what every member of staff should be aware of in the work environment.

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  • Facilitation skills, level two

    30 March 2017

    Facilitation skills have a positive impact on meetings, negotiations and relationships, which are essential for better commissioning and performance management. Confident, capable facilitators are an asset to any organisation.

    PCC offers two levels of facilitation training, level one for beginners and level two for intermediates.

    This intermediate level workshop on 8 June in Birmingham provides an opportunity for delegates to practice and experience their learning in a safe environment. It is a follow up for those who attended the introductory session, and for those wanting to improve their current facilitation skills and confidence.

    The training will focus on role play and learning from experience by giving delegates the chance to plan and facilitate a scenario and to feedback in the roles of a facilitator, co-facilitator and observer.

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