• Helping general practice get fitter and stay strong

    22 June 2017

    Primary care leaders seeking to strengthen practices at risk from workforce, demand and other pressures can access funding from NHS England’s resilience programme, part of the General Practice Forward View. The GP resilience programme recognises that many practices are already struggling to cope with existing workload for a variety of reasons, and that others are looking for long-term solutions in the face of uncertainties about the supply of GPs, funding, running costs, premises and related issues.

    PCC is working with practices at all points on the spectrum from the most vulnerable to those building resilience through collaboration. This includes working with other organisations, to provide the necessary infrastructure and scale to support effective sharing of resources, workforce and expansion of services both to serve the care needs of local populations and to secure the future resources needed for long-term sustainability and growth.

    To find out how we are working with practices and primary care commissioners to stabilise vulnerable practices and support GP resilience please email enquiries@pcc-cic.org.uk with “GP resilience” in the subject line.

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  • Network leadership e-learning

    20 June 2017

    Leaders today operate in a dynamic environment. Technological advancements and increased competition from globalisation have changed forever the way we work in organisations. In this new world of projects and teams, the top-down, command-and-control leadership approach is no longer effective; to be a successful leader you need a new set of skills and techniques.

    Network leadership is not just a new way to lead, but also a new way of thinking. It is non-linear, dynamic, and very much relationship-based. It is a leadership style that shows you how you can improve others' performance and bring together other people's contributions to the benefit of your organisation. This e-learning course helps you and your organisation adapt and make the most of this new approach.

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  • Going with the grain: new models for general practice

    20 June 2017

    National policy poses a dilemma by insisting on the one hand that general practice is key to the development of new care models but recognising on the other that parts of general practice are badly in need of support. Evolutionary models of change represented by the primary care home (PCH) and other kinds of GP hub promise to resolve the dilemma, creating building blocks of the necessary scale to work in larger systems such as multi-speciality community provider (MCP) or accountable care systems.

    These issues will be explored in the next of PCC’s Going With the Grain events, where we have assembled an excellent line-up of speakers and facilitators to share their experiences and case studies. They include Dr Tracey Vell, a GP and chief executive of Manchester LMC; Dr Gill Pickavance, chair of an eight-practice partnership in Wolverhampton that was spurred into action by a looming GP recruitment and retention crisis in an area with high levels of deprivation and ill-health; and Dr Steve Kell, who leads one of the original 15 primary care home test sites.

    Book now for the events on 3 October in Birmingham and 4 October in London.

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  • Keep up to date with important policy and contract news

    20 June 2017

    Our new webinar programme provides commissioners with opportunities to join briefings by our experts on matters of policy and practice. Recent sessions have covered patient list management, premises improvement grants and abatements and changes to the GP contract. With the need to understand new contractual requirements such as identification and monitoring of patients with frailty as well as implementation of changes relating to identifying overseas visitors, PCC is working with NHS England on how to communicate any changes effectively. Keep watching our events calendar for dates of new webinars. Access to PCC webinars and our adviser helpdesk, which answers specific questions on how to apply regulations and guidance in specific cases, is available exclusively to our subscribers. To find out more about the services available and how to subscribe, email enquiries@pcc-cic.org.uk with the subject line “Subscriptions”.

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  • Effective negotiation: tapping in to your natural resources

    15 June 2017

    In this interactive, one-day training event on 5 October in London, 12 October in Birmingham and 2 November in Manchester we will discover how to make the best of a skill that we possess naturally and yet rarely use to best effect – negotiation.

    Successful negotiation is a tool used by all successful professionals, not a skill for special situations. This workshop promises to increase your awareness of negotiation, helping you to use it more effectively.

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