• Presentation skills e-learning

    25 September 2017

    Whatever your role, or the organisation you work in, effective presentation skills are an important part of your professional portfolio and will help to boost your career.

    For many people, the idea of delivering a presentation to colleagues brings up images of standing in front of an audience and summoning up enough courage to speak. Being able to project an air of confidence and hold the room are, of course, key skills for presenters but there's something equally important that needs to take place behind the scenes.

    During this e-learning course you will explore how verbal, visual and non-verbal communication skills contribute to effective presentations while considering your audience, goals and the wider context. You'll also discover how to manage nerves and stay on message in some of the most challenging situations.

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  • Successful change agents

    13 September 2017

    This one-day workshop is for managers undergoing and supporting staff through change programmes. The content explores the merits of different approaches to implementing change and an understanding of the role and skills of an effective change agent. The workshop on 30 November in Birmingham allows delegates to consider their own impact and emotions, and equips them the tools needed to facilitate and implement change.

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  • Communication, network leadership and change management feature in e-learning portfolio

    12 September 2017

    PCC e-learning courses enable you to develop existing skills and acquire new ones on a user-friendly, supportive platform. Courses recently added to our portfolio cover project management, network leadership, managing from within the team, communication for professional success and managing change and transformation. See our website for a list of our courses. PCC subscribers can now access e-learning as part of their support packages.

    For further information about e-learning, contact enquiries@pcc-cic.org.uk with “E-learning” in the subject line.

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  • Reception teams are key to a better experience for patients and practice staff

    6 September 2017

    Reception teams can improve the experience of patients and practice staff by taking simple steps to improve customer service.

    This event supports practices to make the changes that will result in a better experience for their patients but more confident, capable staff able to reduce stress and enjoy greater job satisfaction. A recent report in the British Medical Journal called patient experience “one of the central pillars of quality in healthcare”.

    Our training supports several of the ten “high impact actions” for practices prescribed by the GP Forward View, including developing the practice team, quality improvement, active signposting, social prescribing, self-care and reduced DNAs (“did not attends”).

    The events will be held on 5 December in London, 25 January 2018 in Manchester and 7 February 2018 in Birmingham.

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  • We can help your practice merger to go smoothly

    6 September 2017

    More than 200 GP practices closed on merged in England last year, while just eight new practices opened.

    Mergers were once the exception, created as a result of retirements or consolidation of smaller practices often run by single-handed GPs. But mergers are becoming more common as the pressures on general practice increase. Creating a larger practice is now often seen as the only way to survive the inexorable rise in demand coupled with the squeeze on practice finances.

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