• At the table or on the menu: the choice for primary care

    26 April 2018

    The recently published planning guidance gives sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) a prominent role in planning and managing system wide efforts to improve care. STPs are expected to evolve to become integrated care systems (ICS). The guidance also refers to STPs‘ roles as brokers of primary care networks and creators of system wide resilience.

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  • Annual support offer for CCGs

    20 April 2018

    PCC has reviewed its support offers for CCGs and CSUs enabling us to tailor support to better meet your needs.

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  • Do you know where your primary care contracts are?

    17 April 2018

    Most CCGs are now delegated, which means they have inherited responsibility for primary medical care contracts from NHS England. Unfortunately they haven’t all inherited an up-to-date schedule of contracts or complete paperwork for every provider. Your CCG may be paying for enhanced services that are not underpinned by a valid contract. In extreme cases, services may be out of contract before the commissioner is aware of a problem. PCC can undertake a comprehensive review to help you establish a schedule of core and supplementary contracts, ensure that all the right documentation is in place, and create a pipeline for procurement for contracts that are due to expire. For more information contact enquiries@pcc-cic.org.uk

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  • Leader as coach

    17 April 2018

    Using coaching techniques in the workplace can support effective team management by increasing the motivation and confidence of individuals.

    This full-day workshop on 12 September in Manchester and 18 September in London, explores the use of a coaching management style and use of some coaching tools and techniques to develop others.

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  • The principles of project management

    3 April 2018

    Good project management is of the art of getting a successful outcome using the resources available. This is more important than ever in health and social care where managers are under increasing pressure to deliver better outcomes and greater efficiency in every aspect of their work.

    Project management requires a specific set of skills, some of which we possess naturally and can learn to use more effectively. But it also requires knowledge and a well-defined approach. This one day training session is for everyone who has responsibility for projects or is part of a project team.

    The event will be held on 7 June in Birmingham and 12 July in London.

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