• The Confident Leader

    16 May 2017

    PCC has added new dates in its learning and development programme for new and aspiring leaders of provider organisations, such as GP federations.

    The nine half-day sessions help leaders to acquire the knowledge they need, including understanding the changing NHS landscape, the legal and governance requirements of federations and other new organisations, and the skills required to build effective teams and collaborate with others in the local health economy.

    Find out more about the Confident Leader. The next programme will run in Birmingham from 21 September.

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  • Dental contracting essentials, level one

    9 May 2017

    This is a full day workshop for contract managers who are new in post and for more experienced managers wishing to confirm or refresh their knowledge. The day covers the development of NHS dentistry with regard to the current contract and proposed dental contract reforms, the regulatory framework, primary care dental services, finance and contract management.

    Delegates who attend this workshop on 6 July in London will have a better understanding of the regulatory, financial and contractual framework under which NHS dental services are commissioned and provided and the practical implications of these.

    As a result of attending, delegates should feel confident in managing contract change requests, requesting contract changes themselves, implementing national variations and issuing contract notices.

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  • Managing risk in social media e-learning

    8 May 2017

    Social media is a powerful marketing tool for organisations but it is not without risk. These risks can have a major impact on you, your career and your organisation. And they can happen whether or not you are using social media.

    Managing risk in social media helps you analyse and prepare your organisation for the problems that may occur when using social media. It helps you understand how to handle internal social accounts and deal with external social media activity which your organisation may become involved in.

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  • Developing sustainable primary care

    8 May 2017

    With general practice continuing to be under pressure to work together to develop resilience and share skills, the latest edition of Commissioning Excellence, looks at how practices in Cheshire are taking their own steps to develop local partnerships and work with a wider team to enhance patient care. Other articles include how practices can retain local autonomy and independence while being part of a super-practice with a population of 280,000 registered patients; and how using clinical pharmacists has become an effective skill mix for a Worcestershire practice.

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  • Expert briefing on GP contract changes 2017/18

    8 May 2017

    Don’t miss this essential briefing on important changes to the GP contract by our primary medical contracting experts.

    PCC has arranged webinars for our subscribers on Thursday 1 June and Friday 2 June to outline and discuss the changes to the GP contract for 2017/18. The changes to all three types of contract will be covered along with the potential financial consequences at CCG and GP contractor levels. Subscribing organisations can register here. For information on our subscription offers contact subscriptions@pcc-cic.org.uk

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