• Health and safety e-learning

    4 April 2017

    Responsibility for health and safety in an organisation typically lies with appointed managers. However, there are health and safety issues that everyone needs to be aware of, from the fire evacuation procedure to lifting a box correctly.

    This e-learning course looks at how to comply with health and safety regulations and also what every member of staff should be aware of in the work environment.

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  • Facilitation skills, level two

    30 March 2017

    Facilitation skills have a positive impact on meetings, negotiations and relationships, which are essential for better commissioning and performance management. Confident, capable facilitators are an asset to any organisation.

    PCC offers two levels of facilitation training, level one for beginners and level two for intermediates.

    This intermediate level workshop on 8 June in Birmingham provides an opportunity for delegates to practice and experience their learning in a safe environment. It is a follow up for those who attended the introductory session, and for those wanting to improve their current facilitation skills and confidence.

    The training will focus on role play and learning from experience by giving delegates the chance to plan and facilitate a scenario and to feedback in the roles of a facilitator, co-facilitator and observer.

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  • Eye health contracting essentials, level 1

    28 March 2017

    This workshop on 21 June in London provides essential information on how to commission primary eye health services and manage the GOS contracts effectively.

    The full-day event covers the contractual framework, contract management and assurance of General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) contracts, commissioning services from primary care providers, financial flows underpinning GOS contracts and the regulatory framework supporting the provision of GOS.

    It is for commissioners new to eye health and those who feel they would benefit from a refresher. It may also be of interest to anyone involved in the delivery of services and those looking forward to a future role in commissioning.

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  • Project management e-learning

    28 March 2017

    At this time of great change in the health service, effective project management skills are essential. This course focuses on the principles of good project management and how they can be applied in every role. It traces the step by step journey of a project from inception to review. The e-learning course highlights the benefits of good project management without the confusing technical detail that so often surrounds the subject.

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  • Risk management e-learning

    21 March 2017

    The media is full of stories involving serious problems that have suddenly struck particular enterprises. The cause may be external and beyond the organisation’s control (such as a natural disaster) or internal (such as a failure to comply with regulations, or issues with quality control).
    Whatever the cause, you are left to wonder why top management were not aware of the possibility so that they could take evasive action – or at least be in a position to react quickly and positively when the problem arose.

    The Risk Management e-learning course looks at the concept of risk management and how it has developed, the sort of infrastructure and processes it requires, and the impact it has on traditional control systems. It also looks at some of the problems which have made national and international news.

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