• Right care is science not magic

    10 March 2012

    David Colin-Thomé believes that if the NHS takes Right Care to heart, “you really could have a sustainable health service with the resources we have today”. It’s a bold claim, but not rash.

    Right Care aims to reduce unnecessary clinical interventions and eliminate needless variation in health investment. Patients and taxpayers will share the benefits, with billions of pounds of recurrent savings.

    Right Care will also see more care delivered out of hospital, delivering additional savings.

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  • QIPP savings alone don't equal success

    9 March 2012

    Something is working. In a recent radio interview the secretary of state for health pointed to £7bn in savings over the past 18 months. Mr Lansley shared some other positive news: elective surgery up by 2.4% and unplanned emergency admissions down by 1.9%.

    But critics, including the influential House of Commons select committee on health, say that the savings are indiscriminate, that the thinking behind them is short-term and that progress will be achieved by better integration of services, not changing management structures.

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  • Improving Health and Social Care in London: Supporting integrated commissioning

    9 March 2012


    Tomohon Tomohon

    This report finds that joining up support services for health and social care services could mean that there is as much as £50 per head available which can be used to support local planning and decision making. It would also mean that the boroughs and newly formed clinical commissioning groups would not waste public money and time replicating work.

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  • Right first time for patients at Brighton and Hove

    9 March 2012

    A locally developed referral management scheme has cut unnecessary referrals, reducing costs and increasing patient satisfaction.

    The Brighton and Hove Integrated Care Management Service (BICS) was established four years ago to provide GPs and their practices with the detailed information required to change referral patterns and improve community provision and choice.

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  • Top tips for managing PMS contracts

    9 March 2012

    This document summarises the priorities for managing local PMS contracts signposting to the importance of aligning to the statutory instruments as outlined in the reference guide above.

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