• Pears more than an optical illusion

    2 June 2012


    Boden Boden

    A scheme which screens referrals into secondary care and redirects many to accredited community optometrists is on course to deliver annual net savings of around £80,000.

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  • Staffordshire CCGS turn patients into customers

    1 June 2012

    Patient feedback is playing a greater role in commissioning decisions and service re-design in Staffordshire with the consolidation of a variety of information into one database.

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  • Public health casebook seeks out the right care

    1 June 2012

    Pragmatism and openness mark out the second edition of the latest volume of public health case studies commissioned by the Right Care team, according to its editor.

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  • CCG authorisation and prescribing

    29 May 2012

    Managing the prescribing budget, which could account for more than a fifth of all CCG spending, will be a critical factor in the success of CCGs. PCC has published a detailed map of prescribing functions to the six authorisation domains. The map should help CCGs achieve authorisation by embedding sound management of medicines in their commissioning plans.

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  • Passing the authorisation test on medicines management

    13 May 2012

    It can be difficult to make the links between the plethora of documents and guidance surrounding medicines management and the new world of clinical commissioning.

    Medicines cost the NHS £12.9bn in 2010 and will account for around 14% of spending by clinical commissioning groups (CCGs).

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