• National asthma and COPD audit programme

    5 April 2018

    A new national asthma and COPD audit programme (NACAP) was launched on 1 March 2018. It adds adult and paediatric asthma to the former national COPD audit programme. The Royal College of Physicians has been commissioned to run the programme, which will produce audits in England, Scotland and Wales and span the entire patient care pathway.

    Further information can be found via the new NACAP webpages www.rcplondon.ac.uk/nacap.

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  • Autism strategy revamped

    5 April 2018

    The government has updated the national autism strategy to improve how progress is monitored.

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  • Support for commissioners of respiratory services

    5 April 2018

    Primary Care Respiratory Society UK and Cogora have announced the 2018 Primary Care Respiratory Academy Commissioning Platform.

    The platform consists of free one-day interactive workshops and accompanying digital resources that will give you an insight into the tools needed to help provide the best-possible population-level respiratory outcomes.

    The workshops are taking place nationwide between 19 April and 23 May 2018, and include:
    • The chance to explore what good respiratory care and good respiratory outcomes will look like now and in the future
    • Key tips on how to operate in a world of accountable care organisations
    • An overview of the practical tools you need to ensure optimal service delivery in your population, including an insight into the role of technology in improving service outcomes

    Register here: www.respiratoryacademy.co.uk/registration Further details: www.respiratoryacademy.co.uk/commissioning

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  • Sustainability and transformation in the NHS

    4 April 2018

    A parliamentary report concludes that the Department of Health and Social Care’s system for funding and financially supporting the NHS focuses too much on short-term survival and limits the NHS’s ability to transform services to achieve sustainability in the long term.

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  • Updated guidance on MRSA post infection review

    3 April 2018

    NHS Improvement has updated its guidance on MRSA post infection review. The updated guidance can be found on the NHS Improvement website. For MRSA cases with specimen dates from April 2018, the post infection review process will no longer be required, but formal local reviews of MRSA cases for those trusts and CCGs with the highest MRSA rates are expected. The MRSA reviews will also move from being administered through the Public Health England data capture system to a process administered and run locally. Cases with a specimen date prior to April 2018 will still initiate a post infection review even if they are entered on the data capture system after 1 April 2018.

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