• Five year vision for independent social care sector

    29 June 2015

    A new report warns of a collapse in the system if providers and commissioners do not work together and more nurses are not recruited into the independent sector. It states that the next five years will be crucial in ensuring that the care and support services that many people rely on remain sustainable.

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  • New procurement regulations take effect

    2 March 2015

    NHS organisations will now be able to buy supplies more smartly, cheaply and efficiently under new regulations implementing the EU directive on public procurement in the UK.
    The Public Contracts Regulations 2015, which came into force on 26 February 2015, broaden the possibilities for NHS bodies to conduct negotiations with bidders during the procurement process and clarify how to conduct market consultations prior to going out to tender.

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  • FAQ on tariff arrangements for 2015/16

    2 March 2015

    NHS England has published an FAQ on tariff arrangements for 2015/16. It follows a letter from NHS and Monitor offering an alternative to the original proposals made last autumn and, in particular, addresses concerns by NHS trusts that the original tariff would have worsened their financial difficulties.

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  • People in control of their own health and care

    7 November 2014

    The idea that people should have a stronger voice in decisions about their health and care, and that services should better reflect their needs and preferences, has been a policy goal in health for at least 20 years. Patients want it, and the evidence shows that when they are involved, decisions are better, health and health outcomes improve, and resources are allocated more efficiently.

    Despite this, and some small pockets of improvement, there has generally been a lack of progress towards fully involving people in their own health and care. This report from the King's Fund examines the reasons behind this, and considers how we can advance the cause of making person-centred care the core of health and care reform.

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  • NHS e-procurement strategy

    8 May 2014

    The Department of Health has published details of the e-procurement strategy, part of a broader procurement strategy to save the NHS £1.5bn by the financial year 2015/16.

    The document also sets out how e-procurement can better support the NHS procurement processes that manage transactions and pricing with suppliers.

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