• Dental contract reform

    16 March 2018
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  • Making it work in practice

    13 February 2018

    This section will contain tools and resources to help you manage your prototype practice.

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  • Dental programme news

    8 September 2016

    The provider news round-up will be published on the last Thursday of every month and sent as an email to the contact address listed for the practice. The intention of the newsletter is to provide practices with a summary of the important communications that were sent out in the preceding weeks that require attention and or action and any other additional news items or general information pertinent to the prototype system. It is essential that as the contract holder, providers have sight of all communications that are sent from the dental contract reform programme team as they are responsible for ensuring the service is delivered in accordance with the contractual arrangements underpinning the prototype system. Business managers can help by ensuring the news round-up is passed to the provider if it does not go directly to their email address or it may be downloaded and printed from this webpage. See the hyperlinks to published editions of Provider news round-up below.

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  • Your questions answered

    4 February 2016

    As expected, all practices those new to the dental contract reform programme and pilot practices alike raised a number of very valid questions at the events held in the autumn 2015 and indeed practices are continuing to seek answers to their questions as they get to grips with the requirements of this phase of testing. To strengthen everyone’s understanding and knowledge, a data base has been created collating the questions raised and answers given which will be updated periodically as new queries arise.

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  • Remuneration

    6 November 2015

    This section focuses on prototype remuneration. It includes details of both remuneration types which are referred to as “blend A” and “blend B”.  The blends differ in respect of the apportionment of capitation and activity applied to each.  Every prototype practice will have been allocated to one or other blend in order to test each model of remuneration.

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