• GPs and pharmacists with special interests (GPwSI and PhwSI)

    9 December 2007

    Our Health, Our Care, Our Say - a New Direction for Community Services reinforced the importance of services provided by healthcare professionals working in community settings, and both practitioners with special interests (PwSIs) and NHS specialist staff have key roles in the delivery of such services.

    The following guides were published in 2007 under the series title Implementing Care Closer to Home: Convenient Quality Care for Patients

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  • Guidelines for the appointment of Dentists with Special Interests (DwSIs) in prison dentistry

    19 November 2007

    Guidelines for the Appointment of Dentists with Special Interests (DwSIs) in Prison Dentistry have been produced by the Department of Health, the Oxford Deanery, the British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry and NHS Primary Care Commissioning. They are designed to help prison managers and healthcare commissioners define more closely the role and working arrangements for prison dentists.

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  • Orthodontic quality assurance briefing paper

    8 November 2007

    This  brief  paper  aims to provide a more detailed overview of the quality assurance  framework  for  the  new  orthodontic  contract and to help PCTs ensure  that  they  are  built into their clinical governance processes for orthodontics.

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  • Sample oral health strategies

    13 August 2007


    To see sample oral health strategies by Oldham PCT
    To see a sample oral health stragegy by Salford PCT.
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  • Establishing accuracy in QOF data

    9 August 2007

    This guidance is self explanatory, it has a foundation in establishing accuracy in QOF reports, but it does contain a clear account of how to make best use of the new QOF verification reports that can be generated by all practices.

    Specific guidance on the QOF software to generate the reports can be found at www.cfh.nhs.uk/delivery/programmes/qof/

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