• New Read codes for QOF January 2012

    11 January 2012

    Version 21 of the Read code spreadsheet erroneously included the following exception codes for cervical cytology: 9NiT, 9O8S and ZV6G8. Please note that these are no longer in the QOF and that the codes therefore donot apply. A revised spreadsheet is now available courtesy of Dr Dave Jeffery, data quality manager, Herefordshire PCT.


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  • CQC registration: briefing for general practice

    9 January 2012

    This PCC briefing looks at the key dates and issues for general practice in the run-up to CQC registration. It includes essential information about liability, advice on what practices need to do and by when, and tips to save practices time and money in preparing for registration.

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  • ABC of General Practice premises funding

    6 January 2012

    Primary care medical services must be provided in suitable premises - this is one of the conditions of CQC registration. PCC has prepared a briefing for PCT managers and practice staff with an interest in premises funding. The briefing explains how the regulations apply to the different types of funding available.

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  • Reference guide to primary care amendments

    20 December 2011


    Biznes Biznes

    PCC has produced a comprehensive reference guide for contracting staff completing the audit and working on the stabilisation of primary care contracts during the transition to the NHS Commissioning Board. The document brings together in one place all the statutory instruments used to amend primary care medical, dental and eye care contracts since 2004.

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  • QOF business rules v21.0

    2 December 2011

    Version 21.0 of the QOF business rules are now available.

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