New PCC e-learning courses focus on skills for managing change

9 February 2016

PCC has unveiled six new e-learning courses. They complement PCC’s extensive training and learning event programme with the added convenience of 24/7 access.

Forty-five percent of healthcare professionals surveyed in December said they prefer to receive support and information through e-learning. Personal development is often sidelined due to workload pressures, but e-learning offers the flexibility to fit around busy diaries.

The new courses, developed by e-learning specialist Nelson Croom, are:

  • Managing risk in social media
  • Innovation
  • Leadership skills
  • Managing change and transformation
  • Managing workload
  • Thinking strategically

Julian Patterson, director of marketing for PCC, said: “Customers have told us is that as well as courses that help them develop skills in areas such as finance and project management, they want to acquire the softer and more strategic skills to cope with increasing demands for change and more collaborative styles of working. So as well as the very practical courses we’ve always done, we have now added modules on managing change and transformation, and thinking strategically.”

Jaqui Nelson, marketing director for Nelson Croom, said: “We’re delighted to support PCC in this initiative. At a time when these skills are becoming increasingly important for our health professionals, they have less and less time to spend on professional development. High quality e-learning means they can assimilate these skills when it suits them, and fit it around their work.”

The courses join PCC’s existing e-learning, including the popular project management module which has just been updated.

Further details of all the courses are at

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