New models of care

Collaborative working and federating v7 june 15v4 from Collaborative working and federating v4 from Primary Care Commissioning (PCC)

We work with groups of primary care providers interested in working together to improve local services, explore opportunities to expand their businesses or take existing arrangements to the next stage.

Our support is built on a belief that providers want to retain autonomy, independence and self-determination as they embrace new ways of working. The service is built on four pillars.

1.       We support providers to understand the environment they will be working in, policy and regulatory developments and the options open to them in terms of organisational and legal forms.

2.       We work with providers to increase their knowledge of how to create opportunities, from understanding the requirements of commissioners, different contracting arrangements, the procurement rules and how to bid successfully, to knowing how and when to work with partners.

3.       The overriding concern of providers is how to sustain their business in the face of constant change. We work with provider organisations during the early stages of their development to seek consensus, facilitate discussions about mission and values, agree governance requirements and develop the organisational cultures that will ultimately determine success or failure.

4.       We provide access to workshops, training and bespoke support for the knowledge and skills you need at different points in your development journey, whether you are taking the first steps to collaborative working, are already part of a federation or are considering next steps into integrated models of care.

As well as scheduled events and training, and bespoke project support, we also offer a unique learning development programme, The Confident Leader, for new and aspiring leaders of primary care provider organisations.

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