• Practice managers out to make new friends for new times

    9 November 2011

    Practices are gearing up for the new commissioning world by seeking to work more closely with other professionals and with patients, PCC’s 2011 practice management survey suggests.

    Concerns over workload and the potential business impact of the NHS reforms are running high – but the findings indicate that practice managers and their employers recognise that the new era will require new relationships.

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  • Doctor on call - how phone response may cut A&E costs and boost productivity

    10 September 2011

    Primary care practices are increasingly turning to the telephone to improve patient access, the use of GPs’ time and reduce A&E visits.

    Figures from around 40 practices throughout England suggest that the patient response model can cut A&E visits by around 20% while improving GP productivity.

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  • Reducing list inflation

    23 July 2010

    Case study: NHS Ealing reducing list inflation to deliver patient benefits

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