• N.A.P.P. launches guide to patient participation for GP practices

    12 May 2016

    The National Association for Patient Participation (N.A.P.P.) has launched Building Better Participation, a guide to help patient participation groups (PPGs) and their GP practice work effectively together. It is designed so a PPG can dip in to use the parts of most relevance and covers a range of topics from getting a PPG established to working to forming working relationships with patients and the wider community. Supported by NHS England, the guide can be downloaded and/or printed from N.A.P.P.’s website.

    Meanwhile, N.A.P.P.’s annual conference is on 11 June in Stretton, Cheshire. Its theme is "Transforming services together: transformation, integration and federation - what do they mean for patients?” For more information go to http://www.napp.org.uk/conference.html#

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  • Guide to engaging with the voluntary sector with EDS2

    2 March 2016

    NHS England has launched a guide to engagement with the local voluntary sector.

    The guide looks at how the local voluntary and community sector can help NHS organisations to engage communities through the equality delivery system (EDS2). EDS2 sets out how public sector organisations should reflect the needs of various minority groups in the design and delivery of services.

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  • 10 million responses to the NHS friends and family test

    21 August 2015

    The NHS friends and family test (FFT) has reached a memorable milestone by achieving its ten millionth piece of feedback from patients.

    Launched in April 2013 and now fully rolled out across the NHS, the FFT has allowed millions of patients to give invaluable feedback on their experiences of care and treatment in services throughout the NHS.

    It has quickly grown into the biggest ever collection of patient opinion in any health service anywhere in the world and gives staff the ability to react promptly and make swift and lasting improvements to care provided.

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  • Report of patient experience summit

    7 July 2015

    In April 2015, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society held a one day summit focusing on how pharmacy teams could measure and improve patients’ experience of care. This event brought together experts with insight and experience of how to both raise the profile of patient experience in organisations, and how to measure and evaluate it in practice, with local NHS teams sharing their individual approaches.

    The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has produced a report summarising the day, so that other pharmacy teams and organisations may use it as a resource to support the continued development of their approaches to evaluating and improving patients’ experience of care.

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  • Guide highlights importance of communities to health and wellbeing

    11 February 2015

    A new guide from Public Health England (PHE) and NHS England says local government and the NHS can play a part in building confident communities to improve health and reduce inequalities.

    The guide says the reforms have created opportunities for public health and healthcare to become more person and community centred.

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