• Wanted: new model of governance

    20 November 2015

    Asked to identify the biggest obstacle in the way of the Five Year Forward View, people will give a range of answers likely to include funding, payment arrangements, workforce, the procurement rules and politics. All of these can be fixed or worked around.

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  • Vanguard powers Isle of Wight change programme

    12 November 2015

    Health commissioners and their partners on the Isle of Wight are using vanguard status to “turbo boost” an existing whole-system change programme.

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  • New models of care – start from here

    10 September 2015
    In describing new models of care, the Five Year Forward View identifies some basic types, but we will see a number of variations on each model as plans start to develop in detail. 
    The forward view sketches some principal models, but they are lightly drawn and it will be the job of the vanguard programme and other local initiatives to turn these into working models: multispecialty community providers (MCPs), integrated primary and acute care systems (PACS), hospital chains, urgent and emergency care networks and enhanced health in care homes. 
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  • Primary care in the NHS: Busting the myths

    21 August 2015

    The NHS Confederation is publishing a series of myth busters, which challenge common misconceptions and enrich debate on topical, sometimes controversial, issues regarding our health and care.

    The third in the series dispels myths about primary care in the NHS

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  • Busting myths and breaking barriers

    17 August 2015

    The myths and misunderstandings of social media are some of the biggest barriers to its adoption, according to digital communications expert Marc Schmid.

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