STP plans depend on contracting for new models of care

3 June 2016

Sustainability and transformation plans demand a system-based approach to commissioning. They will only succeed if commissioners and providers change both the way they think and change how they approach contracting.

Building on the success of previous innovative contracting events, PCC and Capsticks have again teamed up to share current good practice in a national programme of workshops starting this month. The event uses case studies to allow delegates to explore how learning from other parts of the country can be applied locally.

PCC adviser Phillip Stimpson, says: “Creative use of the contracting process is a critical factor in making new models of care happen. Without bold, robust contracting the theoretical benefits of more efficient, better integrated and higher quality care systems will not be realised.

“The NHS is not sustainable if individual organisations are winning contracts but the system as a whole is failing. This event explores the practical issues of using innovating contracting approaches to realise the ambitions of the Forward View. Without a change of approach, commissioners will have to make a choice between sustainability and transformation. The real issue is how you deliver both.”

The workshop uses examples from Cambridge and Peterborough, Valencia, the United States, Lambeth and Northumberland to illustrate examples of innovative contracting, highlighting the lessons for commissioners considering similar approaches, potential opportunities, legal issues and common pitfalls.

“Understanding what doesn’t work is as important as understanding what does,” says Robert McGough, partner in the commercial team at Capsticks, a leading law firm specialising in healthcare.

“Although the legal framework and forms are important, successful examples suggest that other factors have to be in place first. For example all parties need to buy in to the new way of working, behaviours have to change and ideally the solution has to be genuinely co-created.

“When you get into the detail, whether you are talking about alliancing, prime contractor or ACO/ACS/ICOs every example is different. What the good ones have in common is a real shift in thinking from organisation to system.”

This event is relevant for all organisations and staff involved in shaping new models of care and local solutions, particularly those involved in commissioning and contracting. It covers foundations for success, legal frameworks, different contracting routes and when to use them, and accountable care/new care models.

Dates are 8 June (Leeds), 20 July (Birmingham), 21 September (Manchester) and 23 November (London). Booking details and further information are available at

Download the June 2016 issue of Commissioning Excellence as a PDF

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