Salaried services

3 October 2008

The Department of Health is transferring responsibility for on-going contract negotiations and terms and conditions of service for all salaried primary care dentists to NHS Employers. This will bring salaried dentists into line with other NHS staff falling within the purview of NHS Employers.

As part of this transfer, NHS Employers have now taken over the website hosting of the FAQs relating to the implementation of the new contract for salaried dentists.

Employers with queries about the salaried dentistry contract should email NHS Employers at Employed dentists with queries about their own contracts should contact their employer or a professional body such as the BDA.

(02/06/08) Salaried Services - updated FAQs

NHS Employers and the British Dental Association have produced quality assured responses to questions submitted by PCTs, based on questions submitted at the Salaried Services national learning events in January 2008, and on questions submitted through the NHS PCC helpdesk.

This document updates and replaces the previous version (published 03/03/2008). Please download the document below.

Any queries about the new salaried services contract that are not addressed in this document should be directed to the dental helpdesk at:

This paper will continue be updated to include new questions.

(29/1/08): PCT SPDCS Contract Implementation Toolkit

This toolkit aims to support the implementation for the agreed terms and conditions of service for salaried dentists in primary care. Taking the form of a step-by-step guide, it advises PCTs on the seven key steps required prior to April 2008, and also those beyond. Delegates attending the recent salaried services learning events were consulted on a early draft and their comments, feedback and recommendations are reflected in this final version. Practical examples and checklists are also included.

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