Partnering with a purpose: making collaboration work

12 April 2018

In its recent planning guidance, NHS England made clear that sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) will take prominent roles in planning local systems, which are expected to evolve to become integrated care systems (ICSs). Primary care meanwhile is expected to form its own groupings, each serving a minimum population of 30,000 to 50,000. These can be thought of as building blocks of the ICSs that emerge over time.

Collaboration will need to happen at different scale for different purposes – in large units for system planning and commissioning, in smaller ones for elements of service delivery. With no “one size fits all” models expected to emerge, what will it really mean to collaborate?

This event on 11 July in London, 26 July in Birmingham and 25 September in Manchester will bring clarity to an increasingly complex situation. It will look at existing collaborations and ask what is really working and what can we learn?  It will bring together primary care professionals and commissioners to understand the national policy direction, the emerging contractual models and the challenges we face in making collaboration work.

Delegates will learn about steps to take to enable new collaborations and help existing initiatives to become successful.


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Recent planning guidance from NHS England sends a clear signal to general practices that if they don’t start working together of their own accord solutions may be imposed from above. A briefing from PCC reminds practices that regardless of national policy, there are compelling reasons for greater collaboration now. Great scale will also increase the opportunities for general practice to influence the development of integrated care systems – the same systems that may ultimately shape their own futures.

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At the table or on the menu: the choice for primary care

26 April 2018

The recently published planning guidance gives sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) a prominent role in planning and managing system wide efforts to improve care. STPs are expected to evolve to become integrated care systems (ICS). The guidance also refers to STPs‘ roles as brokers of primary care networks and creators of system wide resilience.

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Statistics on vaginal mesh procedures

25 April 2018

NHS Digital has published experimental statistics on patients that have had a procedure for urogynaecological prolapse or stress urinary incontinence including those where mesh, tape or their equivalents have been used.

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GMC gears up to support international doctors wanting to work in the UK

25 April 2018

Hundreds more overseas doctors are applying to work in the UK each year, according to figures released by the General Medical Council (GMC).

The regulator assesses the skills of non-EU doctors who want to join the UK medical register, and is adapting to deal with an increased demand in the numbers applying to take the practical exam they must pass before they can work here.

Demand for the multiple choice and practical Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) exams means that the GMC is now adding additional test dates at weekends.

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Messages on the future of domiciliary care services

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This paper lays out seven key areas for the sustainable delivery of domiciliary care services. It describes the importance of transparency and good working relationships between commissioners and providers as being critical in this area.

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