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12 June 2018

PCC e-learning courses allow you to cultivate your expertise in your own time without having to leave your desk or office.

Our courses are easy to access through our user friendly online platform and cover a variety of topics.

Our most popular courses include:

Grammar and effective writing helps you to discover the underlying rules and conventions of writing, consider the impact of your writing decisions and develop your own writing and editing skills.

Presentation skills explores how verbal, visual and non-verbal communication skills contribute to effective presentations while considering your audience, goals and the wider context. You'll also discover how to manage nerves and stay on message in some of the most challenging situations.

Leadership skills will help you to develop your leadership skills and use them to provide direction for your team. The course also includes how to manage cross-functional teams and write effective mission statements.

Thinking strategically shows you why strategy is important to all professionals, and offers tips to help you to think strategically within your organisation.

Project management focuses on the principles of good project management and how they can be applied in every role. It traces the step by step journey of a project from inception to review.

See a list of our courses here.

Courses can be purchased via our website or we can issue an invoice. PCC subscribers can access e-learning as part of their support package. For more information about our e-learning courses, please contact

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NICE welcomes further discussions about spinal muscular atrophy drug

14 August 2018

NICE hopes for further talks over nusinersen for treating a rare genetic disorder; spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

Draft guidance does not recommend nusinersen, also called Spinraza and made by Biogen, for routine use on the NHS because of uncertainties over its long-term effectiveness and its extremely high cost.

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MHRA issues further information on valproate use by women and girls

14 August 2018

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued a video to help healthcare professionals in implementing the new 2018 regulatory measures, including the pregnancy prevention programme and regular reviews. This was produced by the MHRA in conjunction with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Information about the risks of taking valproate medicines during pregnancy, including the video, are available on the MHRA website.

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Is it OK for doctors and other professionals to comment anonymously on social media

14 August 2018

Last week saw an NHS England director resign after it emerged that he was airing critical opinions about the state of general practice on social media. Leaving aside the merits of this particular case, should clinicians be obliged to make themselves known when expressing sometimes controversial opinions? Vote on

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GP Patient Survey Dental Statistics; January to March 2018, England

13 August 2018

In January to March 2018, 2.2 million adults were asked about their views on NHS dentistry as part of the GP Patient Survey.

The results from the survey responses are presented at national (England), regional and Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) level.

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Recorded dementia diagnoses, July 2018

13 August 2018

NHS Digital has published data about people with dementia at each GP practice, so that the NHS (GPs and commissioners) can make informed choices about how to plan their services around their patients needs.

This publication includes the rate of dementia diagnosis. As not everyone with dementia has a formal diagnosis, this statistic compares the number of people thought to have dementia with the number of people diagnosed with dementia, aged 65 and over. NHS Digital has published recorded dementia diagnoses data for July 2018.

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