• Updated guidance to help GPs easily diagnose serious bowel conditions

    3 May 2018

    The difficulty in distinguishing between Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can have a significant impact on individual wellbeing and health outcomes. This consensus document supports frontline healthcare professionals by providing clarity about how faecal calprotectin testing should be delivered to simply and accurately distinguish between patients with IBD and IBS. By removing diagnostic uncertainty for individuals and the potential for unnecessary and invasive testing this should also reduce the pressure on endoscopy services nationally. By providing clarity on the appropriate testing regime, this document should drive the uptake of new care pathways leading to improved outcomes and improved patient experience. (An updated version of this document is now available.)

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  • Updated guidance on access to services for people with learning disabilities

    27 September 2017

    Public Health England has updated its guidance on access to services for people with learning disabilities. The guidance is designed to help NHS organisations to make reasonable adjustments to make it easier for people with learning disabilities to access healthcare services.

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  • Guidance on commissioning medicines optimisation services from community pharmacy

    17 January 2017

    The University of Manchester and PCC have launched a toolkit to support commissioners to plan, design and evaluate services provided by community pharmacies for patients requiring medicines.

    By integrating a medicines optimisation service into the patient pathway, the patient can access the expertise of a pharmacist and their team in community pharmacy, which can improve their medicines taking, reduce unplanned hospital admissions and reduce pressure on the wider health and social care system.

    The content of this toolkit is based on evidence drawn from a large National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funded study investigating organisational factors associated with variation in the quality and quantity of services provided by community pharmacies. Results of the study were reviewed by commissioning and pharmacy leaders at a subsequent workshop which informed the design of the toolkit.

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  • NHS England Whistleblowing Programme

    13 December 2016

    One of the major recommendations of the Francis review which reported in 2015 was for whistleblowing guidance as part of a drive towards a more open and honest culture in the NHS. Earlier this year, NHS England and NHS Improvement published a national policy, but acknowledged the need for separate guidance for primary care. PCC supported the development of the primary care guidance, the main points of which are captured in this briefing and summary.

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  • Diabetic eye screening programme: pathway standards

    8 August 2016

    Public Health England has published national pathway standards for the NHS diabetic eye screening programme.

    The document covers the revised national standards that come into effect in April 2017.

    It should be read in conjunction with the service specifications for the NHS providers available as part of the public health functions exercised by NHS England. These pathway standards replace the interim standards published in August 2014.

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