• Charlotte Goodson


    Charlotte joined PCC as the lead adviser for primary care commissioning across the East of England region. She has advised PCTs on commissioning and contracting across the four primary care professions, working with them to improve the quality of services. She has significant experience of working nationally on developing regulations and supporting the translation of legislation into clear and robust guidance. Her in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical services regulations and the practical application of that knowledge are of particular benefit to the NHS.

  • Claire Peer

    Assistant adviser

    Claire has experience of working in the NHS for nine years and has a wealth of knowledge of primary care services in particular NHS dentistry. During this time she led of various projects including service redesign, commissioning of services and the transformation of community services. 
    She also has extensive experience of training and development in the private sector
    She has successfully managed a primary care dental contract team along with a significant dental budget within PCT ensuring that services were commissioned effectively whilst providing patients with a wide range of accessible, quality services.  
    Claire also has experience of procurement and service redesign.
    Claire has been a key member of the dental contract reform programme since it started in 2010 as well as holding an assistant advisor role with PCC. She supports the area teams in the south as well as participating in other workstreams such as personal and team development and patient and public participation.
  • Rob Haley


    Robert joined PCC as an adviser for primary care commissioning across the North West region, advising PCTs on commissioning and contracting across all four primary care professions, and working with them to deliver improvements in their commissioning and contracting functions. Rob has held other posts within PCC first as manager for the northern region and now as manager for the national team. He has significant experience in commissioning and contracting for dental services and has worked with the Department of Health on a number of projects for improvements in dentistry. 

  • Sarah Jones


    Sarah has worked in the primary care health sector for many  years.
    Sarah works as an advisor with PCC working across the north of England, she advises subscribing organisations regional teams and clinical commissioning  groups (CCGs) on commissioning and contracting across the four primary care professions but also working with the new architecture of the NHS. Sarah has participated in PCC consultancy work, including delivering the eye care support in primary care support organisations (PCO).